As of Fall 2014, there are over 28,000 facebook page supporters for this movement. Almost 22,000 of those supporters are in the United States alone. There are an estimated 316,128,839 people in the United States. 67% of that population being individuals over the age of 18. Yet, if you look at the numbers in comparison, TFRM is a very small group. There are approximately 200 people associated with this movement, all working within their states towards change. Change will certainly not come if we do nothing. This is, after all, a movement. So, how can you take part?

Do you prepare yourself by understanding the opposing arguments when new legislation is presented?

It’s important to understand and be prepared for the oppositional arguments when new legislation is presented to the public. For example, Measure 6 was presented in North Dakota in support for a 50/50 shared parenting presumption. After reviewing the various studies indicating the great benefit children have when they are given shared access to both parents, still there are parties that oppose this kind of measure. Why? Understanding their opposition can further strengthen your positioning to support shared parenting and the rights of children. You can learn more about Measure 6 here. Find out who supports Equal Parenting in your local government and vote for them in November.

Are you trying to connect with fellow fathers and supporters locally?

This is a collective movement, but we have to organize locally before we can organize nationally. When parental rights are being threatened, a supportive community is essential for providing greater understanding and further guidance to stand strong.  Reach out to your local Fathers’ Rights Chapter or talk to us about becoming an ambassador.

Are you working on membership in the movement? Host an event.

Holding fundraisers and awareness events keeps the topic of equal parental rights on the table. Events can help support your efforts in gathering a local supportive community. For help and guidance on hosting a Fathers’ Rights Rally or Event in your city or state, contact Ashley Poff here or email

Are you attending rally’s and attempting to speak with other activists in other areas of the country?

Sharing and discussing ideas and attempting to coordinate efforts towards change is essential. Collaborating with others to bring local supporters to highly influential locations (Washington, DC) or national events can help gain publicity. Visit our events page and join us at a rally!

Are you sharing helpful resources with fellow fathers and families that are in a similar situation?

Education is key. We need to spread awareness about the available resources that can build confidence and strengthen a father’s positioning. We offer a list of helpful books and guides that we are in support of. Submitting your reviews or sharing on social media can provide greater awareness about these valuable resources for fathers and families. Post links online that help other families.

Are you talking about The Fathers’ Rights Movement?

Helps us spread the word by posting links from our website online. Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or even better, your website!

Are you signed up for our newsletter?

Be sure to stay informed with the latest news and events by signing up for our newsletter.

Are you actively cultivating a strong, connected relationship with your child?

You are a model for fellow fathers. When your child is in your care, engage in activities that strengthen your bond. Go on a hike together, fly a kite, build a treehouse. Maintain enjoyable routines like visiting the local library or park. Create family traditions together! [Resource Link Coming]

Do you write your representatives consistently and regularly?

Yes, I know it gets boring,  but it’s important.  When enough of us are doing it consistently it will help bring change.  We challenge you to spend a single hour  a weekend writing letters to our legislate elect. [Resource Link Coming]

Do you try and meet with your representatives and discuss the issues with them?

Take it to the next level. Meet face-to-face with your representatives and discuss these issues and your concerns for the future generations. Again, when enough of us are doing this, it will help bring change. You can view a list of state representatives here. If your state representative is not listed and you would like to add to this list, please contact us.

Support The Fathers’ Rights Movement:

  1. Make a Donation
  2. Attend an Event or Rally
  3. Vote Locally
  4. Connect Locally
  5. Write your local representative here
  6. Introduce a father to our recommended guides on custody and parental rights