Thomas F. Fidler
President and Founder

Tom was born the only child to Nick and Peggy Fidler, in Michigan, 1970. He and his parents moved to Alaska in the first year of his birth where he was raised and still resides.  A child of divorce, his parents separated when he was 6 years old.  They both remarried but were amiable in their divorce, remaining good friends until Thomas’s father’s death in 2007.

Thomas went to University of Alaska Anchorage where he obtained a degree in Fire Service Administration, before serving his community as a Volunteer Firefighter, EMT, and member on the Matsu Borough Local Emergency Planning Committee.

He worked in the Environmental Remediation field for several years before opening up his own Environmental Remediation Contractor Business in 1998.  Thomas currently works in the IT field as an IT manager for a small medical facility in Anchorage Alaska

He had two children, twins, with his ex-wife in 2000, Cannon and Sierra Fidler, and enjoys 50-50 custody of his children.  This is a custody arrangement that he had to fight for and if it had been left to the court would have left his children with a mere visitor every other weekend instead of the loving and involved father they now have.

TFRM began as nothing more than a Facebook page that was created for Thomas to express his feelings at the injustices he and his children experienced.  Meeting and connecting online with other men and women the page quickly grew and Thomas used the platform to encourage and inspire others to get involved at a local level in their own communities and to educate the benefits of Family Law Reform. It continued to grow over the years with chapters and grass root groups starting in all 50 states and multiple countries.  TFRM’s Facebook page is now the world’s largest most active forum on Fathers Rights and parental equality and is now an officially recognized organization educating and spreading awareness.

Derek Gunby
Vice-President of US Operations

Derek is a an Army veteran from South Carolina. He has had a 12 year Information Technology career in the US Military as an active duty Soldier and as a civilian consultant. He has been battling for over three years for access to his son who currently resides in Germany. Derek enjoys fishing, boating, and working on his farm.

Although Derek is the VP of US Operations, he is actively involved in many other areas within TFRM’s organization, to include the creation of TFRM’s military support network.

Derek started volunteering with TFRM’s South Carolina Chapter where he began as a Facebook Editor. After becoming the Chapter Lead, he became a member of the Board of Directors. As Social Media Director his primary focus was to help spread the word and create a educating and engaging forums across various social media platforms. In October of 2016, Derek was elected to the position of Vice-President of US Operations. Although he is a member of the Board, Derek is still actively involved in both the South Carolina and Germany Chapters of TFRM, staying connected on a day-to-day basis and interactive with TFRM members on a personal level.

Linda Mohr
Vice-President of Administration




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David Scolamiero
Treasurer of the Board

David is a Certified Public Accountant, serving as the primary financial advisor to successful organizations and individuals providing auditing, accounting, tax, wealth management, mortgage, and financial information system consulting.

David is the Treasurer of the Board for TFRM organization. He oversees the Finance Department to include all fundraising activities. Additionally, David is the managing member of the wealth advisory affiliate Integrated Financial, LLC. holding Life/Health Insurance, General Securities, Investment Advisory, and Mortgage Brokerage licenses. He develops personal, custom plans for wealth creation, preservation, protection, and distribution. He crafts innovative solutions for client’s complex financial challenges and opportunities. He utilizes a full array of tools and technologies to objectively help clients prudently manage their assets, plan for their retirement, prepare to send their children to college, finance real estate, minimize taxes, plan their estates, and control financial risks.

For over two decades, David has has provided services to the health care, mortgage, financial services, construction, real estate, retail, wholesale/distribution, government contracting, lodging, restaurant, manufacturing, non-profit, common interest realty associations, and entertainment industries. He has served as Chief Financial Officer for a multi-state general contractor; where he was responsible for financial reporting, tax planning/compliance, internal audit, budgeting, financial information systems, investor, and lender relationships.

David earned his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Old Dominion University in 1988. He lives in Virginia Beach with his son and daughter where he is active in various civic and charitable organizations.

Dr. Travis Gee, PhD
Director of Research

Travis is a psychologist in Queensland, Australia. Born in Canada, he completed an Honours BA in Music and French, but needed one credit over a summer to graduate. This was Psych100. He became fascinated by the field, and completed a Masters in the psychology of musical performance, studying jazz musicians. He completed his PhD in Psychology in 1998 in psychological assessment (Personal Projects Analysis, with Prof. Brian R. Little supervising). His PhD comprehensive paper on False Memory Syndrome is archived at the National Centre for Reason in Justice.

Dr. Gee then moved to Australia to teach and pursue research at several universities there, writing numerous scientific articles and developing statistical analyses for combining studies. While teaching he maintained part-time private practice counseling from 2002 onwards, the practice went full-time after finishing a contract teaching in the clinical stream at the University of Southern Queensland in 2011.

He has written reports for both men and women involved in both criminal and family law processes, as well as reviewing evidence in cases related to his PhD comprehensive topic, False Memory Syndrome. He has made major submissions to various governmental bodies in relation to family law, child support and parental alienation issues, as well as the American Psychiatric Association in their revision of the DSM-5 to support inclusion of PAS. Dr. Gee has had editorial, guest editor, and reviewer roles for various scholarly journals, including an invited book review for Cambridge University Press on a PAS-related volume. He has written book chapters as well as articles, and despite being out of academia, continues to work on publishing articles. His most recent one is in the Australian Journal of Clinical Hypnotherapy, where 2 more in a series are planned, to emphasize the need to consider traumatic brain injury before assuming ‘forgotten’ childhood trauma is to blame for various symptoms, and trawling for a history that may not exist.

His role as a psychologist has included numerous cases involving Child Safety matters, DV allegations, Hague Convention matters and managing difficult high-conflict separations. He has been associated with local men’s groups and TFRM for several years, out of professional and personal interest in matters surrounding denial of children’s rights to a loving, fit parent through systemic support of a disturbed parent, based on false stereotypes and family law professionals who fail to base analyses on a balanced view of the existing research.

Dr. Gee is father to 5 children, and enjoys playing guitar, bass and banjo and still hopes to learn mandolin and violin, and one day resume the saxophone. He has recently taken up golfing, and has along the way found it to be a useful tool for helping people with anger management issues.

Melissa Isaak
Legal Director

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David Pisarra
Marketing Director

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Beau Burchfield
Technology Director

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Heather Sanders


She was born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama and is a mother to two beautiful girls, along with being a step-mom to another exceptional young lady. Heather started out with TFRM as an editor for The Alabama Fathers’ Rights Movement.  Because of her hard work and dedication to the movement, she was asked to join our Central page where she quickly stepped into the role of Senior Social Media Manager.  Heather helped to establish and grown TFRM’s Twitter and Instagram presence while continuing to engage on Central Facebook Page.  In 2016, Heather was elected to the Board of Directors to her current position of Social Media Director.

Heather is a strong advocate for shared equal parenting for both loving fit parents. She enjoys spending time with her family.  She continues to fight for all children to have the love they need and deserve.  Finally, she encourages everyone to press onward and not give up fighting the good fight.

Nathan P. Feinberg
Membership Director


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Jeremy Roberts
Legislative Director


Jeremy Roberts is our Legislative Executive Manager.  Jeremy’s background includes being a father, professional hockey referee, National-Referee-in-Chief, and Letter Carrier with the United States Postal Service. Additionally, he was one of many who played an instrumental role introducing legislation in Missouri’s General Assembly, resulting with HB1550 (2016) being signed into law on July 1st, 2016.

Jeremy’s past has cultivated a thorough, detail-oriented individual who created multiple long-term hockey rulebooks, developed training materials, and pioneered a national department including approximately seventy-five contracted employees from all over the United States and Canada. The main focuses were; developing a cohesive approach for officials to address real-life situations in a consistent and objective manner while utilizing the language of the rules and their interpretations, leading rule development committees, structuring an in-depth disciplinary system, and recognizing the need for adjusting any imbalance between areas of an official’s discretion and the overall intended design.

A strong advocate for due process and equal protection, Jeremy’s determination and focus seeks to improve the status quo within the current Family Court system throughout all fifty states, in the best interest of our children.

Mike Whitney
Regional Director (Northeast)

Mike is the father of three and a grandfather to one. He was born and raised in New Jersey and lived in Toronto, Canada for four years before relocating to his current and long-time home of Buffalo, NY. He is an advocate, not just for Fathers’ Rights, but for the human rights of all those involved in the Family Court system. Prior to becoming the Regional Director for the North East, Mike was a volunteer in the New York Chapter, where he is still very actively involved and using his decades of experience to help individuals navigate their ways through the emotionally painful and confusing process of a custody battle.

In his spare time, Mike enjoys riding his motorcycle on both local and cross-country trips, fishing, boating, and hiking. Through his life he has had a variety of careers that have taught him some very diversified skills from carpentry, sales, and music.

Dustin Long
Regional Director (East)


Dustin D. Long is the Regional Director for the East. He has been a volunteer with TFRM since 2014 and started as a Chapter Editor in North Carolina before taking the role as Chapter Lead. He is a stellar father of five boys. When he found himself with only four days a month he wanted to fight the discrimination he perceived in family court. This is when he found TFRM through posts about the fatherless day rally. It was at this point he organized North Carolina’s First annual Fatherless Day rally, and has continued to organize rallies in NC since.

Dustin has participated in legislative action resulting in the passing of SB 519 in North Carolina. Although the bill passed, it was a stripped down version and did not have much impact in the state. However, what it did do is open the door for plans for 2017, by planting seeds with the legislators, and networking among them to find legislators who will be champions of our cause.

Dustin has also participated in the TFRM suicide prevention training, and has been a champion for recruitment for TFRM. Legislative reform of the family court system is his first priority, outside of family and work. He will never stop fighting for change until he is sure that the children will not be saddled with the injustices that we are facing in that system.

Chris Colbert
Regional Director (Southeast)

Chris is the proud father of a son and a daughter. Chris worked hard to achieve 50-50 legal and physical custody of his children. He is a fifth grade teacher in the State of Florida and in his spare time he enjoys golfing, grilling, and outdoor activities. Chris graduated from Union College with a BA in History. He continued his education at the National University of Ireland, Galway and has an MA in Irish Studies.

He became actively involved with The Fathers’ Rights Movement while battling for his children in 2014-2015. In June 2015, Chris became an editor for the Florida Chapter’s Facebook page. A few months later, he was promoted to Central page and then was asked to be a member of the Board of Directors. He now uses his energies to help other parents have an equal say in raising their children. Chris is currently the Regional Director for the Southeast. He wants every father out there to know that, “You are not alone.”

Michael Monroe
Regional Director (Westcentral)

Michael has been involved with TFRM since 2012. He has two children with his estranged wife, two more with his current wife, and is the step-father of one more, for a total of five wonderful children. Michael is proof that although custody situations can be extremely difficult, there is a way to achieve successful co-parenting. He and his former wife work together in the best-interest of their children, but both parents know the children deserve the best.

Along with being involved with TFRM, Michael is involved with mentoring men, helping them learn to heal and grow in life after a divorce. He is actively involved in his church and he participates in several local community outreach programs.

Jason Smith
Regional Director (Northcentral)

Jason is a father fighting for not only his child, but every child in these horrible situations for the last five years. He was blindsided, hurt and almost destroyed by a very unexpected divorce in 2011.

At the time, he was given the opportunity for every other weekend. Although it was an opportunity not many get, Jason was not going to accept going from a very involved father prior to divorce to a victor on the weekends. He and his estranged-wife share parenting now because he fought and gave everything he had for his daughter.

Around that same time, Jason stumbled upon The Minnesota Fathers’ Rights Movement. It was exactly where he needed to be. It helped him to know that he was not alone. It helped to have a place to gather with the troops in a battle against this system of family law. It helped him help others in similar situations.

In 2016, Jason was became a member of the Board of Directors for TFRM. While each chapter is different, the issue is so large, Jason believes it is important that we unite and have a coronated effect on changing laws and helping each other.

Benjamin Beveridge
Regional Director (South)

Ben Beveridge was born in Galveston, Texas and has resided in Texas his entire life. He lived with his mom, dad and siblings until my parents divorced when he was in the 4th grade.  After that, he and his siblings lived with his mom and visited his dad. Luckily, his parents co-parented very well and as a child he saw very little, if any, strife between them. He has worked at different environmental companies for about five years as a plant operator and is currently preparing to step into an engineering position. One of the personal benefits to Ben’s career with environmental  companies was working closely with his recently deceased older brother. Ben is a life-long learner and has been in college since graduating high school.  He currently holds an Associate’s Degree in Process Technology and  Bachelor’s Degrees in Control and Instrumentation Design as well as Chemical Engineering.

At the age of 24 Ben was blessed with the birth of his daughter and again at the age of 26 when his twin boys were born.  Like many of our members, Ben’s right to be an active and involved parent was deceptively taken from him in 2010.  Through persistence, self-education, and a still on-going battle, Ben was able to increase his parenting time and thereby improving the lives of his children.  However, this road lead Ben to the realization that he was not alone and his situation was unfortunately the norm.  This lead him to join TFRM and continue to fight for parental equality for the sake of all children.


Josh Tuttle
Regional Director (West)


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