Welcome to Ohio’s list of resources to assist in your shared parenting journey.

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Resource (link) Desc
Ohio Government Offices Information about Ohio — elected officials and state agencies — as well as voting, budget and laws, government transparency, and local governments.
Ohio Courts A list of Ohio trial courts and local rules.
Ohio Supreme Court The court of last resort in Ohio.
Ohio Standardized Forms Domestic Relations and Juvenile Standardized Forms for Ohio.
Ohio Domestic Relations & Juvenile Publications & Resources Domestic Relations, Juvenile, Law & Legal Representation resources for Ohio.
Ohio Office of Child Support (CSEA) Department of Job & Family Services site where Ohio child support information is housed.
Ohio Child Support Guidelines The Ohio child support manual to assist in areas of child support.
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Ohio Basic Child Support Schedule A table to understand child support based upon annual income.
Ohio Child Support Calculator  The Ohio Child Support Calculator will provide an estimate of the support obligations that may be included in a court or administrative child support order.
Cost of raising a child calculator A calculator to estimate how much it will annually cost to raise a child.
Ohio Parenting Coordination Toolkit for Dispute Resolution How to get a Parent Coordinator assigned by Ohio court.
Ohio Parenting Time & Schedule Planning A parenting guide, including common schedules, for parents living apart with children.
50/50 Custody Schedule Examples Common residential schedules where each parent has the child 50% of the time.
Long Distance Parenting Plans & Custody Schedule Examples Things to include in your parenting plan if you and the other parent live a long distance from each other.
… (Long Distance): Examples
Ohio Custody Reform Movement A way to add yourself to database of people who are committed to helping to make Ohio law and court practice changes.
Ohio Putative Father Registry The Ohio Putative Father Registry (OPFR) allows a male to register if he believes he may have fathered a child and wants to be notified if the child is placed for adoption.
Ohio Domestic Violence Protection Order Forms Domestic Violence forms for a protection order, or someone fighting a protection order.
Ohio Child Protective Services Information about Ohio’s public children services agencies (PCSAs).
Family Law Attorney Website Free information and forms for family law, father’s rights, parental alienation, etc.
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Equal Parenting Case Law A collection of equal parenting case law.
Shared Parenting Legislation by State A list of shared parenting legislation proposals by state and year along with information from each bill relevant to shared parenting and its current status.
Advocates for Shared Parenting Legislation Some organizations that advocate for shared parenting legislation.
Parental Rights Organization
National Parents Organization
Americans for Equal Shared Parenting
Children’s Rights Council
Families Need Fathers
International Council on Shared Parenting
Leading Women for Shared Parenting
Ohio Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) Information concerning family education rights & privacy.
Request Your Child’s School Records A Sample Letter to use when you are requesting your child’s school records.
Request Your Child’s Medical Records Information around HIPAA rules and battling parents.
Co-parenting Communications Tools
Our Family Wizard Some tools available to assist in communications, expenses tracking, etc for split families.
Talking Parents
Two Houses