The TFRM Forum is – Join the discussion.

Our organization has grown so large, with thousands of members and counting, this means we have a greater need for open dialogues and conversations between our followers, thought leaders and volunteers. That is why we are excited to announce our new TFRM Community Discussion Board (forum), free of charge for all to use.

The TFRM Forum will take the place of our Facebook discussions so that you can easily search for topics such as co-parenting, crisis support, child support, litigation advice and so much more. Interact with others that have gone through what you are going through, ask questions, bounce ideas off of others and find hundreds of resources and tools that will enable you to fight for the custody you deserve with your children. And don’t worry, our Facebook pages aren’t going away. The TFRM Forum is an additional service to help you get the information you need.

TFRM Forum Benefits:

Anonymity – Your information is private, the Forum is password protected, and you choose your account username

Community – Search community provided resources by time, date, keyword, and even author

Topic based Sub-forums – Have questions on alienation, who is the best attorney in your area, co-parenting, child support? These are just some of the topics to help you find information faster.

User Generated Topics – Can’t find the answers you need? Want to share your story or make friends? Post your own topics in the appropriate area and check back for responses

Educational Resources – Each sub-forum has resources pinned to the top so that the information is readily available

TFRM Staff – The Forum is moderated by the TFRM staff you know

To access the forum navigate to in your browser. Once there, please REGISTER for the forum and then ACTIVATE your account by clicking the link in the activation email you receive after registering. Once logged in, take a look at the User Control Panel to be sure your notification settings are configured so that you get emails on topics your’re following and interacting with. If you have any questions comments or concerns while registering, please contact us at

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