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"Please make sure to thank those that you see are actively supporting shared parenting!

I was driving for Lyft last night (you know, because Family Court has awarded my ex 60% of my take home pay, but I still gotta pay bills) and I overheard my passenger talking to her guy friend on the phone. From her side of the conversation it seemed that his BM was keeping their child from him. She told him how horrible that was for his child. The passenger told him that even though she and her BD were no longer together, she would never keep their son from him. In fact, for financial reasons they were still roommates, even though they were both in new relationships. She told her BD that as long as he was there for their child she would not file for any financial support from him, she just wanted their child to have his dad around.
At the end of the ride, I apologized for overhearing her business, but I thanked her for supporting her child like that. I let her know that my ex has filed false charges to keep our children from me and that I had to take the driving job to continue fighting for them.
She told me to keep fighting for them, that they will learn the truth as they get older, and that they may not want to see the BM when they figure it out.

Recognize shared parenting when you see it so those people know that they are spreading good and it may help to make it the norm. "

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2 hours ago

The Fathers' Rights Movement

Just when we begin to question our worth at TFRMNJ we receive a message like this. This is why we spend countless hours doing what we do for zero pay! Thank you John for sharing your story and picture. We wish you further success in your fight. ...

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