The Fathers’ Rights Movement is dedicated to preserving relationships between children and parents. We advocate for each parents’ constitutional right, which is to raise their children without interference from the state or from any other party.

Currently, these rights are not being protected and it is up to us to take them back. Donations play a huge role in allowing organizations like us to make real change. We cannot do it on our own. Anything you can give will help us help our children. We use donations to pay for things like operating costs, administrative costs, website maintenance, educational pamphlets, newsletters, lobbying efforts and a host of many other necessities needed to run our organization.

Even if you can only give $5, every little bit helps us keep the momentum towards change.

Please, help us help children and families. Help us make sure no child is denied a relationship with a loving, fit parent.

Donate today.


If you would like to donate to a specific Fathers’ Rights State Chapter, you may do so Here in our TFRM.Store.