The following forms and documents are for the purposes of preparing yourself for legal filings and should only be used for example and guidance. These forms should NOT be used to file in your state, as the format requirements may be different. You can access Supreme Court approved legal forms for your state on the State Resources page.

Decree of Dissolution of Marriage -Example 1

Petition for Dissolution of Marriage – Example 2

Decree of Legal Separation

Financial Declaration

Motion/Declaration for Temporary Order

Motion/Declaration for an Order to Show Cause re Contempt

Note for Hearing


Parenting Agreement – Example 1

Parenting Agreement – Example 2

What is a Parenting Plan?

Types of Child Custody

Physical Child Custody Schedules

2-2-3 Custody Schedule

3-3-4-4 Custody Schedule

2-2-5-5 Custody Schedule

Child Support Agreement on Consent for Waiver of Arrears

Boilerplate forms or templates for your County or State may be available online. See our State Links here or visit your local Clerk of Courts office to obtain child custody forms.