Countering Arguments Against Shared Parenting in Family Law 1
Have we reached a tipping point in the child custody debate? 1
10 Surprising Findings on Shared Parenting After Divorce or Separation 3
Shared parenting research (is it really best for kids?) 6
Shared parenting is best for parents and kids 7
What is shared parenting? 8
Shared parenting means that in the event of separation or divorce, the children spend approximately equal time with both parents. 8
What is new is the deviation from the most common, traditional divorced-family schedule: 8
5 research-based reasons shared parenting is best for kids 9
Shared parenting in high-conflict relationships 9
Children need time with both parents 10
Traditional visitation schedules can weaken father-child relationships for life 10
‘Primary Parent’ A Myth; Shared Parenting Best For Kids 11
Psychology Shows Children Identify With, Need Both Parents 12
Why Is Equal Parenting After Divorce Important? 14
Are joint custody and shared parenting a child’s right? 17
The right to maintain regular relations with both parents 18
The balance between work and family life 18
The consequences of residential arrangements on health and welfare 19
The best interests of the child in the 21st century 20

1st Annual Parental Equality Convention

by The Fathers’ Rights Movement